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Are outside food and beverages allowed?

The Long Center sports a full bar: beer and tasty drinks available for all 21+. Patrons are welcome to bring water bottles and water on-site. Please refrain from bringing coolers with alcoholic beverages.

Can we bring pets?

Well-behaved and leashed pets are welcome at Trailer Food Tuesdays. Please refrain from bringing any pets onto the terrace. All pets must stay on the grassy area at the foot of the terrace. Please clean up after your pets!

What time does the event start?

The event starts at 5pm and concludes at 9pm.

Who can come to Trailer Food Tuesdays?

Trailer Food Tuesdays is for all ages and all walks of life! Everyone is welcome.

Is there seating?

There is limited table sitting on the terrace. We encourage all patrons to bring blankets, chairs and anything else they may want to eat more comfortably on the lawn.

How many trucks are at the event?

Each event varies, but we typically have between 15 and 19 trucks on-site for the event.

Is there an admission fee?

There is no admission to attend. Food can be purchased from each truck and beverages from The Long Center bar. There is an ATM onsite inside the Long Center, but patrons are encouraged to bring cash to facilitate efficient service.

What is and is not permitted at Trailer Food Tuesdays?


  • An Appetite
  • A blanket to sit on
  • A water bottle, refills available on-site
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Sunglasses
  • Chairs if you're into that sorta thing!
  • Crowd-Safe Lawn Games and Board Games
  • Pets (Only on the Lawn)


  • Alcoholic beverages of any type
  • Glass bottles
  • Boom Boxes or Amplified Sound
  • Marketing Leaflets or other Promotional Items